Centre-based Day Care

Our Centre-based Day Care program is a form of independent socialisation or respite care which takes place at a day centre or club. It offers personalised structured activities, group activities or small group outings that give you a chance to talk to other people. Day respite often runs from 10am to 3pm and may include transporting you to and from the centre-based day respite centre.

Our service is delivered within a cultural and linguistic appropriate context and in a manner that acknowledges the individual’s uniqueness. The Australian Government subsidises a range of aged care services in Australia. If your personal circumstances allow, it is expected you will contribute towards the cost of your care if you can afford to do so.

“Senior Life, Better Life”

Our “Senior Life, Better Life” program provides the senior community living in the Liverpool LGA with a holistic centre-based day care program of activities for a socially and culturally healthy ageing approach at the new Carnes Hill Community & Recreation Precinct.

The project’s holistic approach resides in facilitating ‘gathering’, ‘interacting’, ‘participating’, ‘giving’ and ‘sharing’ within a diverse local community environment in order to further strengthen senior members in our community in a feeling of welcome and sense of belonging within the Carnes Hill Precinct.

The program is also providing significant benefits to carers, either young or older, by means of an out-of-home daily respite. Older Australians joining the program are able to enjoy a stimulating time for socialisation, mobility and cognitive stimulation, cultural appreciation and involvement. The program delivers socialisation interaction, culinary appreciation, memory skills and open-air exercises in local hub-based context.

“ActiveAge Care Network”

The “Senior Life, Better Life” project was updated and rebranded “ActiveAge Care Network.”

The program includes a wider range of activities which aim to facilitate motor skills to a greater extent and engage seniors in challenging cognitive tasks. The project also aims to strengthen the capabilities of volunteers, including further training in individual care and Workplace Health and Safety. In addition, the “ActiveAge Care Network” aims to deliver a support transition program to assist seniors cope with grief and wellbeing while ageing.

Community Wellbeing

The cardinal outcome observed has been a positive change in the overall life well-being in local seniors and an appreciation of new and existing accessibility to community infrastructure.

Our program has been run at council premises in Carnes Hill and the commitment of volunteers to the project, and some already available funds from fundraising activities. We are grateful to and acknowledge Liverpool City Council for the generous contribution provided through the Fee-Reduction Grant and the Community Matching Grant.


For enquiries regarding our social support, respite and care services for the local elders in our community, please contact our office on (02) 8786 0888 or via email at careservices@cnansw.org.au.