My Garden, Your Garden Project

CNA Multicultural Services Inc. operates a Multicultural Community Shed and Garden in line with the organisation’s dominant purpose of advancing mental health and preventing or relieving social isolation.

The My Garden, Your Garden! Project was funded through the Club Grants Program (Club Marconi) with a grant of $7,000.00 and an additional $3,000.00 from Fairfield City Council in 2020. The official opening was held on 21 November 2021 at the presence of Frank Carbone, Mayor of Fairfield City as well as a number of State and Federal MPs and community representatives.

The aim of this innovative project is to provide members of our community with a permanent place for social interaction and working collaboratively towards projects that allow for the maintenance of Covid-19 safety while fostering participation and inclusion of different cultures, relieving social isolation and advancing mental health through community gardening and other activities.

The implementation of a green space as an age-friendly, positive ageing strategy has been at the forefront of research as highlighted in “Ageing in urban environments: Developing ‘age-friendly’ cities” (2012) and “Emerging Models of Age-Friendly Communities: A Framework for Understanding Inclusion” (2015). These two academic papers form the rationale for this project.

Research suggests that small-group gardening provides access through barriers and successfully facilitates engagement and allows seniors and vulnerable people to be driven by a desire for networking, social connectedness and inclusion; access to fresh produce, connection with nature, physical activity and mental well-being across the general population. The project intends to facilitate positive nutritional choices and enhance the wellbeing of local seniors, vulnerable people and the entire community.

Membership of the Community Shed and Garden is open to all adults persons, without restriction as age, ethnicity or background.

For more information, membership and for bookings for externa group visits please contact (02) 8786 0888 or email