Our Benevolent Relief Fund

A Benevolent Relief Fund was established by our organisation at the time of its institution, as part of our 100% commitment to provide for the relief of poverty, suffering and distress and misfortune of persons in New South Wales, particularly persons of Italian descent or origin whether naturalised or not.

The aim of the Fund is to provide financial support for care, adult education, community projects, social/sporting clubs, activities to promote and preserve our community’s history, language and culture in Australia.

Benevolent Fund Mission
To provide an additional source of funding for home-based aged care, advocacy, adult education, emergency assistance, support services and associated projects.

Benevolent Fund Vision

To be able to have sufficient funds in order to provide meaningful and effective support, opportunities, access and equity for migrant communities.

Benevolent Fund Objectives

  • To raise funds that will enable distribution to individuals and groups that will improve their independence and assist community development.
  • To attract further donations and demonstrate that the fund is properly managed and benefits the needs of the Italian-Australian and multicultural community.
  • To promote effective giving within the community
  • To raise awareness of significant community and social issues
  • To create a lasting community asset which aims to make it easier for people to give during their lifetime, see the results of their donations and give the community an opportunity to plan for its own needs and aspirations.

If you would like more information about the our Benevolent Fund, please ring our office on (02) 8786 0888 or email administration@cnansw.org.au.