Our Story

In late 2015 our organisation grew in response to the changing nature of the Italo-Australian community located in Sydney’s South-West. In the Fairfield-Liverpool region, over 25,000 people identify themselves as having Italian ancestry and the Italian language is regarded a community language in both LGAs.

There is no doubt about the great contribution made by Italian migrants to Australia. Some important issues however remain of great concern to our ethnic community. Italians are the fastest non-Anglo ageing community in Sydney’s South West. The needs of older Italian Australians are varied and include healthcare, social interaction, isolation and language barriers.

Many Australian-born Italians are also increasingly challenged by a lack of Italian language and culture. The loss of connection with things Italian by second and third generation migrants is part of a greater historical trend.

A vast majority of hard-working Italian migrants who came to Australia in the 1950s and 1960s had not been exposed to quality educational opportunities. As such, many taught their children and grandchildren a dialect which in spite of its appreciation by scholars and researches, often finds no relevance in 21st Century Italy. Italian language and culture in Sydney’s South West is therefore for us a primary focus.

While mass migration from Italy to Australia came to a halt by the late 1980s, a new wave of Italians are trying to make this country their new home. Younger Italians have sought to embark on an Australian experience, mostly by means of Working Holiday visas as they travel to explore the Great Southern Land in search for better opportunities. They are faced with questions regarding access to services, working rights and creating a sense of community.

The role of our organisation is to respond to the needs, experiences and hardships faced by of our ethnic Italian-Australian community and to include the broader multicultural society in creating a nurturing and fairer society.

Our Vision

We aspire to be recognised as a leading organisation for services to the Italian and multicultural community in Sydney’s South West. We are committed to respond to the changing needs of the greater multicultural community in our provision of care, support and essential services to ensure that every person is able to make a conscious and active  social, cultural and economic contribution to Australia’s vibrant and diverse society.

Our Values

Service: We strive for ongoing excellence in our community services and in the quality of  relationships with customers. 

Imagination: We foster creativity and innovation in our practices to ensure empathy and understanding.

Integrity: We stand for sound moral and ethical principles, taking responsibility for our actions and in a spirit of open communication.

Adaptability: We are conscious of the need to adjust to new conditions to meet new challenges and expectations.