On 9 March 2022, a commemorative event will take place at the Carnes Hill Community and Recreation Precinct to mark International Women’s Day. 

Starting at 11.00 am, morning team will be served, followed by a golden wattle-themed lunch. Anne Stanley MP for Werriwa will be CNA’s special guest. Anne will talk about her experiences as a woman in politics and as a representative in Federal Parliament.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day launched by the United Nations is #BreakTheBias, for a world where women are free from prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination. A different, fair and inclusive world. Even among the many movements promoting women’s rights and within institutions there are still discordant visions that can cause setbacks on the achievements reached over the decades.

The event will be coordinated by Maria Grazia Storniolo, together with a proven team of volunteers. “CNA has always stood out for the primary role entrusted to women in our community. Our Board, since the foundation of the association, has always benefited from a majority of women, keeping up with the changes in our society and we are extremely proud of this,” said Maria Grazia.

International Women’s Day is held in March every year to mark the social, economic and political achievements, as well as recognise the ongoing discrimination and violence that women have been and still are subjected to in every part of the world. “Every woman, as Rita Levi Montalcini has pointed out, has always had to fight twice, carry two weights, the private one and the social one. We are honoured to have Anne Stanley MP attend our event and share with us her story and her achievements in public life,” concluded Maria Grazia.

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